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Why Would I Need an Endodontic Treatment?

Endodontists are dentists who specialize in tooth pain and problems relating to the pulp of the tooth, but why would you need to schedule a visit for endodontic treatment? 

Extractions should always be the last resort, saving your natural teeth is what endodontists do best! In this article, we’ll review the reasons why you might need to see an endodontist.

When Should You See An Endodontist?

Although some people put off going to the dentist for their cleanings and routine care for as long as they can, it is very important to stay up to date with caring for your oral health. However when you are experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity it becomes even more essential that you seek help before your symptoms get worse, you could end up saving your tooth!

If you are experiencing tooth pain, make an appointment to see your dentist. If your dentist finds that your pain is caused by damage to the nerve of your tooth, they will most likely refer you to an endodontist who is specially trained in identifying the cause of the pain and providing treatment.

What Types of Treatments to Endodontists Provide?

Endodontists attend training beyond dental school to be able to receive specialized education in endodontic treatments such as root canals, root canal retreatments, dental injuries, or dental implants. 

Endodontists often will work with dentists to create a treatment plan that best serves you, the patient. Since they are specialists in their field of treating issues related to the interior of the tooth, you’ll hear endodontists refer to themselves as Specialists in Saving Teeth.

How Do I Know if I Should See An Endodontist?

Although a toothache can be a sign that you need to see an endodontist, sometimes teeth with more subtle symptoms might need endodontic treatment as well.  Even if you are not in pain, if you are experiencing prolonged sensitivity to heat or chewing on a tooth, it could be a sign that you should see an endodontist.  Another sign that you might need to see an endodontist could be if you notice a small bubble on the gum around your tooth.  This bubble is called a fistula, which can be a sign of an infected tooth nerve that must be treated by an endodontist. 

Since endodontists have expertise in diagnosing the reason for tooth pain and saving teeth, if you are experiencing a toothache don’t wait to make an appointment for endodontic evaluation.

Call today to make an appointment to get to the root of your tooth pain!

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