Tooth Extraction

Will an Endodontist Extract a Tooth?

If it is in the best interest of the patient, endodontists are within their scope of practice to the extraction of teeth. A tooth that is unable to be saved by an endodontic treatment will require an extraction.

While the ideal outcome of endodontic treatment is to save the tooth, your endodontist may conclude that your tooth was unable to be saved. Here are several reasons why your endodontist may opt to remove a tooth rather than proceed with treatment:

  • Natural tooth structure destruction
  • Periodontal issues/Gum Disease
  • Root Resorption
  • Fractured roots
  • Problems with the tissue surrounding the root
  • Trauma
  • Issues with adjacent teeth

Although all dental students are trained to remove teeth, endodontists are specifically trained to treat your tooth for preservation so that extraction would be the last resort.

If a tooth needs to be extracted, the endodontist may refer to an oral surgeon.

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