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Can root canal treatment be repeated?

Sometimes, a tooth doesn’t respond and heal as expected after a root canal. Retreatment of the root canal may be required with an endodontic appointment. 

This may be for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Root canals that are narrow or with curved canal systems that were not treated during the original procedure
  • Complex root canal anatomy that was undetected during the initial procedure
  • During the first procedure, the canal system may have been contaminated from the crown not being placed quickly enough
  • Saliva may have been introduced into the tooth from improper restoration causing contamination
  • A new infection brought on by new tooth decay that can expose the root canal filling to bacteria
  • Crowns or filling material can become loose, cracked, or broken exposing the tooth to new infection

It may be necessary in those cases to perform a second root canal treatment. The second root canal will likely be more complicated or challenging than the first one, requiring an endodontist.

During this procedure, the filling material must be removed from the canal, and the endodontist will explore new or untreated root canals. Retreatment procedures usually require an operating microscope, ultrasound, and digital imaging. Once completed, the root system is sealed with new canal filling material. Repeat root canal treatments are often completed with endodontic surgery.

All available options and appropriate treatments will be discussed with you and your endodontist will provide the best recommendations based on your specific treatment needs. Contact our office Cumberland Valley Endodontics if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation.

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